The many distractions of a Big TV!

I’ve been terrible about updating this blog. Danny bought us this massive TV, it’s bigger than a proper cinema screen and it has taken over my life. I pretty much have it on all the time, it doesn’t even matter what I’m doing or if I’m in the room. It was broken for ages actually, but I got the TV antenna installation sorted out for it.

What else has been happening? We went on a holiday. I’ll blog about that soon. Kids have started childcare in Perth. I dunno, I guess I have been just doing a lot of stuff at home. It’s been busy. Wish I could be more interesting!

Cupcakes and Shoes and Whatever

I’m not quite sure of how to use this fang-dangled WordPress blog yet. Bear with me while I figure it out, yeah? Anyway, here’s my first blog.

Cuppus Cakus

Oh my god, I just made Tiny Teddy Cupcakes and they are, like, AMAZE. So chocolatey! They took a bit longer to cook than the recipie thought they should but they are amazing and I want to make some more!!!

He just got me a new toy, an awesome air-conditioning controller from iZone, I can control the temperature of every room in the house!

Danny’s off doing occupational health and safety courses today. Poor bugger. He’s tired from having so much building work on all the time and never being home. I just bought him a bunch of new work clothes and some air fresheners for his ute; it always smells like his feet!! Hopefully work slows down.

I’m pretty tired myself actually! Been thinking about getting a nanny to help out or something. I hit up an Au Pair Agency, who were really cool and sounded friendly and stuff but it’s maybe not something I can do right now. Maybe after me and Danny have our weekender in Broome – he wants to go whale watching but I just want to go to the beach the whole time!!!!!

PS EVERYONE SHOULD DONATE to the Learn Foundation, they help kids with autism do ABA therapy. DO IT! Even a small amount helps them!!! I know I rabbit on about this but DO IT!!!!

Does This Work?

This should work. Just testing out my new blog! Come here for all the Trembom family hijinx! We’re nuts!